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God, I Think You Made A Mistake!

So, I was at work the other day and this random lady walks up to me and says “if you don’t mind me asking but why would you want to wear your hair like that when you can straighten it, I mean it looks good on you but don’t you ever want to just wear it real nice and straight?” Now yall know, my first thought was “What, in thee hell are you talking about and how do I know you?” Being that it was my first week at work I nicely replied “No, I like it better this way; it fits me” then she says “well if I were you I’d at least wear it straight for the holidays.” Ladies, I promise you, until that day I had never met this lady before in all of my life and already I was ready to school her on natural hair and beauty in the black community but I didn’t want to waste my precious time on this chick so I smiled and walked away.

That moment brought me to this question… “Why is natural hair in the black community still looked down upon?” Some women, AND MEN are so caught up in the European Standards of beauty, it disgust me! It saddens me that the hair our creator blessed us with is looked down upon and by our own people! It’s like saying “God, you made a mistake, but it’s ok, I have something to fix it with” silly right? Why is the ideal of beauty still characterized by European culture? Why are we our own worst enemy? While there are many answers to these questions the debate still exists.

Ladies, Black, of all shades, is beautiful & so is your curly, kinky, coily hair. We have an entire race of little girls that depend upon us to educate them about beauty, being a black woman, and loving themselves. Please, take time out to educate yourself so you can learn to love yourself and those around you…that is all.


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