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Two Strand Flat Twist Anyone?

Have you ever been out and about and you saw someone’s hair that made you look twice?

You either think one of two things, “What in the world?” or “Now that’s cute” right? lol Well luckily I have had the pleasure of others walking up to me with positive comments about my hair, not all the time, but I’ve had my moments. I guess it’s safe to say I receive the most compliments on days when I initially think my results are an absolute FAIL! You know those times when you’re like “ok, this is NOT gonna work” but then everywhere you go people keep telling you how good your hair looks? Yeah those moments..

So, since reaching my one year nappyversary I have turned to flat twist outs as my “go to style” not because it’s easy, but because people like them, my mom┬áLOVES them, my husband says things like “your hair looks nice babe” when I wear them, AND (now this is the big one) they even make my sister entertain the thought of one day going natural!!! (HEY CELES!).

Because of such positive feedback I have taken time out to show you ladies how I turn my two strand flat twist into a superfly flat twist out!

I hope you ladies enjoy the video. Please remember to comment and subscribe! Much Love to you all!